Three Things to Remember in Character Development

The images in this post were found on Google. Just like a book has to have a plot, a setting, a purpose, and actual words, a book has to have characters. Character development is more than what a character looks like; it describes how a character grows throughout a story, how well the readers come to understand…… Continue reading Three Things to Remember in Character Development


Blogstagram + {Almost} 50 Followers!!!

Hey guys! Announcement time! Ha ha, funny story: at this church camp I go to every summer, every morning they do announcements and they got so boring one time that these girls started singing a song every time we had announcements. It went, “Announcements, announcements, annoooouuuncements—a terrible way to die, a terrible way to die,…… Continue reading Blogstagram + {Almost} 50 Followers!!!


Pinterest Post Compilation #3??

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I decided to make up another compilation of some of my pins on the glorious, live-saving, time-consuming platform that is Pinterest. Todays theme is…*drumrolls* Narnia! Okay, which one of you didn’t grow up on these amazing little books/movies? Because I’m gonna invent a time machine so I…… Continue reading Pinterest Post Compilation #3??