About My Book

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your week has been pleasant, and hopefully your fall weather has been considerably cooler than mine. 🙂 As I mentioned on Sunday, I recently finished the first draft of my first book…on the first Sunday of October. Haha, lots of firsts! I haven’t mentioned my book a lot, so here’s…… Continue reading About My Book

The Wish Agent–Part 7

So, I know I forgot to post this last Sunday…oops. 😦 Sorry! But I hope you like the kinda-late seventh installment to my blog series. I haven’t completely written it out yet, but there’s either going to be one or two more! __________________________________________________________________________________________ The great thing about being an international spy is that when it…… Continue reading The Wish Agent–Part 7

The Wish Agent–Part 6

And here’s part 6! The story is getting along…I hope y’all enjoy! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Nothingness–black, vague, blank nothingness. I was aware of my body, but it was like it wasn’t there, almost like when your leg falls asleep and you know it’s there but you can’t feel it. I could hear a voice. I might have…… Continue reading The Wish Agent–Part 6