Hello there! My name is Lydia. Welcome to Quills, Pens, and Ink Pots!

I’m deathly afraid of internet stalkers, so I don’t want to give away too much personal information (sorry, I’m sure you’re all scrambling to know the fascinating person that is me 😉 ). But I’m in between the ages of 12 and 16, and I live somewhere that’s either really hot and humid, or freezing.

I’m probably one of the nerdiest people you’ll ever meet. I love books–Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Little Women, The Kane Chronicles–everything. I also dream of being a published author one day, and you’ll see some of my writing from time to time on my blog. I love writing, and how you can create your own people and worlds from little ideas. Isn’t it such a cool thing?

Some of my other passions include music and sports. I play the flute in my school’s marching band (I sacrifice the respect of my friends so that I can wear a funny hat XD) and believe me, that’s basically a full-time job. But I love it. I also run cross country and play soccer, both of which I totally enjoy. So between all these activities, time management is a necessary skill–he he he, how responsible…:(

I started this blog kind of on a whim, just to share a little bit of me and the things I love to do. It’s my philosophy that experiences are the fabrics of our lives, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy living them (well, most of them).

So thanks for stopping by my little blog! I hope your visit here is pleasant.