Camp NaNo Update

Hello all! We’re almost ten days into Camp NaNo and I haven’t given any updates, so here we go!

Tomorrow is the tenth day of NaNo, so one is expected to have about 15,000 words by now. Unfortunately, I was seized by this little thing called **coughs** laziness **coughs twice** so I’ve only written about 9,000 words.

Yup, that’s me. 

On the bright side, though, I am proud of what I have written. Here’s a snippet of my most recent writing endeavor:

  “So, tell me again why you want to help us?” Maggie said as she jogged down a corridor with Saige, Elsie, and a boy who looked about seventeen.
“Because,” the boy said, “I’m not who the rebels think I am, and let’s just say the people I work for are extremely interested in your safety. They asked me to break you out as soon as they heard you were here, and I was on my way to open your door myself when I realized you’d escaped.”
“And who do you work for?”
The boy grinned. “So many questions. Don’t you want to know my name, or how old I am, or whether or not I’m single? Just trust me. And I can’t tell you who I work for, because you never know who might be listening and if the rebels find out the whole operation will be blown.”
Maggie’s thoughts churned with questions. Could they really trust this guy? They didn’t really have a choice, given their situation. But after all she’d been through, Maggie really didn’t know what to think.
“What is your name, anyway?”
They jogged in silence for a few minutes. After they had met Terrance, they had gone back to the fork and gone through a door Maggie hadn’t noticed before. The new hallway was long and twisty, constantly turning and changing directions. Thinking about it, Maggie realized the whole hideout was probably a gigantic maze.
“It’s really lucky you three escaped when you did,” the boy said as they turned a corner. “Had you escaped even two minutes before, you would have been caught.”
“What is everyone meeting for?” Saige asked.
“I’m not sure exactly. Every two weeks or so they have this giant meeting and talk about their cause and why the government stinks and stuff. I’ve only been to one meeting, so I don’t know what else they would talk about.”
They rounded another corner, and suddenly Terrance stopped. Maggie, Elsie, and Saige skidded to a halt behind him. “What is it?” Maggie asked.
A group of rebels rounded the corner. They stopped when they noticed Terrance, leading three supposed-to-be-prisoners behind him. “What are you doing?” one of the figures asked, his deep voice resonating down the hall.
“Just–ah, leading these prisoners to another cell,” Terrance responded, beginning to walk slowly towards the group of rebels. The three followed him.
The man looked suspicious. “What was wrong with their other cell?”
“It was hit by a backfiring spell,” Terrance replied. Maggie assumed this was believable, since the best lies were built on foundations of truth.
The man squinted his eyes, as if trying to see through them. “Why aren’t the prisoners tied up?”
“Ah–because…” Terrance faltered. He didn’t seem to have an excuse for that. “Because they…”
They were close now. They was standing directly in front of the group. It was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop.
The silence was broken suddenly when Terrance’s arm swung back and delivered a swift punch to the speaker’s nose. He slammed the man into the wall and held him with his back as he flipped another rebel on top of his cohort, like human bowling pins. Then he stuck his elbow in the man’s back and kicked his legs out from under him, sending him sprawling on the ground. When one tried to get up, Terrance kicked him in the face, making blood drip off his chin. Then he swung at the remaining rebel and missed; the rebel hit him on the shoulder and knocked him against the wall. Terrance pushed himself off the wall and hurled himself at the guy, pinning him against the wall. He punched him over and over again until he crumpled to the ground, out cold.
Terrance dusted himself off and turned to the girls.   “Coming?”
Maggie, Saige and Elsie were standing shock still, staring at the scene before them. Saige recovered her voice first.
“Where did you learn to fight like that?”
“I attended a knight academy in Malor. I still go there, actually; I have to sneak away from the school to come here.”
Elsie shuddered as she stepped over one of the unconscious men. “Why can’t people just not kidnap other people? It would make things so much easier.”
“Agreed,” Maggie said, as they resumed their jog. They had to be close now; how big could this place be?


So, that’s really it. How is your Camp NaNo going?




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