NaNoWriMo Poem

In honor of Camp NaNoWriMo, and National Poetry Month, I wrote a poem!

A Writer’s Life

Early mornings,
Late nights,
Turning on the bedroom lights.
Trying not to wake the house,
Scribbling silent as a mouse.

Words flowing onto the page,
A minute passing in an age,
The urge to finish it ‘fore light
Keeps you up the entire night.

Pen heavy,
Eyes sag,
Soon your hand begins to lag.
Leaving your paper at your seat,
You climb under the warm bed sheets.

Sleep comes, until
Alas! Your mind has not had its fill.
You scramble up, exhaustion gone,
Full of ideas to embellish upon.

Sun rises,
Birds peep,
Morning finds you half asleep.
Tiredness showing in every way,
You begin your day.

Your mind is slow until night,
Then your mind can come alive.
Words turn to pages, and pages into story
Until your little book can bring you happiness and glory.


Thanks for reading my blog, and expect some new content soon!




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