Books, Books, and More Books

Hello all! How has your day been? Good? Good. Now, on to the post!

So, one of my goals for this year was to read 100 DIFFERENT books. Now, I read a lot (and I mean A LOT) so when I made this goal, I was like, oh, this will be eeeeasy. 

However, we are three months into 2017 and I’ve only read ten books. TEN! That’s tiny compared to my usual amount! I’ve really only made a small dent in my goal. I’ve got to get going, because I need to have 50 books ready by July in order to have a good shot at achieving my goal.

Of course, I have been really busy lately with soccer and band and soccer and…um, well, soccer. So I haven’t really had that much time to read, even in weekends. But my schedule will clear up a bit soon, so hopefully (fingers crossed!) I can keep reading.

Anyway, the real reason for his post was to share and recommend the books I’ve read. Here’s the list:

  1. Fantastic Beasts Screenplay (J.K. Rowling)
  2. House of the Scorpion (Nancy Farmer)
  3. Lord of Opium (Nancy Farmer)
  4. Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
  5. Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell)
  6. Wonder (R. J. Palacio)
  7. The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan)
  8. Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee)
  9. Keeper of the Lost Cities (Shannon Messenger)
  10. Exile (Shannon Messenger)

I especially recommend ‘Go Set a Watchman’, by Harper Lee. It’s the sequel to the famous ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and is a great book about standing up for what you believe. I also recommend ‘House of the Scorpion’ and ‘Lord of Opium’, both by Nancy Farmer. They’re companions; HotS is first and LoO is second. They’re dystopian books, like The Hunger Games and Divergent series. If you want a book that will suck you in, read them!

Well, that’s all for now. Do you have any book recommendations for my To-Be-Read list?




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