BIBPC #4-Category 7

(Feature image via Megan) Hello all! I know, I know, I kind of disappeared for a while…but I’m back! Temporarily–just long enough to sneak in my last BIBPC entry.

This time, the topic was animal close-ups. At first, I wanted to do my little brother, since he can be quite the animal, but I figured that would be a stretch, so I decided to go with a real animal instead. 🙂


This is a close-up of my dog, Abby. In case your wondering what’s wrong with her eye, the fact is, we don’t really know. It’s just always been like that. She might have some kind of disease.

Also for this BIBPC, I decided to create a poster. Here it is:


It’s not very good, but I decided to try. You know how when you picture something in your head, it never looks like the actual product? That’s what this is like. But it’s good for a laugh, so if you or a friend is feeling down, look at this picture and it will turn that frown upside down! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I promise, promise, PROMISE to try and post something good soon. Until then, stay tuned!




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