BIBPC 4: Category 2

This time, the topic was blue! There’s lots of interpretations of this, but for my entry, I interpreted it as sad. So here’s my photo:


For the record, this photo took forever to take! Tears are hard to fake, and you have to catch them at just the right moment. I sat in my bathroom for hours with the spray bottle, and in the end I seriously looked like I had been crying. Well, it was worth it, I think!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I made the school soccer team, and we have practice four days a week for two hours, which doesn’t seem like much, but then I have all of my band stuff and homework. I did some calculations, and 85% of my month will actually be spent on school-related activities!

So anyway, I’ll try to post something soon. Until then, stay cool!





3 thoughts on “BIBPC 4: Category 2

  1. LOL, remember when we did that for one of our movies? Or maybe that was a different one…:/ Eh.
    Interesting photo! Although you could have opened your eye too, because it is blue. 😉


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