BIBPC #4: Entry #1


Go Team Fox!

BIBPC the Fourth has officially begun :). Our first topic is ‘the view from above’. Here’s my picture:


My sister and I love chess! Of course, it’s nothing on wizarding chess, which unfortunately isn’t real.

We were in the middle of a game when I realized that the chessboard was kind of like a battlefield, which his kind of cool, so I used it as my picture from above. Please excuse the terrible quality and…well, everything else! Although this is a picture competition, so I guess you can’t really excuse it, can you? XD

I’ll try to post some cool stuff soon!




6 thoughts on “BIBPC #4: Entry #1

  1. Cool! I thought of doing a chess piece too, specifically the rook, but then I thought of Heartless and started to cry. Lol! You need to read that book! It’s seriously so sad. 😉


  2. Way to go, Team Fox!! I’m on that team too, my picture was featured when Megan announced category 2!! I’m so excited! GO TEAM FOX!!


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