Lydia’s Journal–Soccer Tryouts

We started soccer tryouts at school today! It was nice, being outside in the warm air surrounded by chattering girls with the ball at my feet. I know almost everyone from last year, but there are a few new girls trying out.

The coach first had us run a lap. Then we all gathered in a circle in the middle and stretched our legs, like we always do. Then we ran another lap. Lots of running! Last year, we ran two laps, stretched, and then ran six laps. It was terrible!

After we ran, we divided into lines and passed the ball around. This was mostly what we did for the remainder of the time, with slight variations every few rounds. Near the end, we all gathered in a line and took turns heading the ball. Then the coach kicked the ball and we had to see how far we could kick it.

I feel like I did pretty good. I was a little rusty at first, since it had been a while since I’d played soccer with other people, but once I got used to it I did fine. We have tryouts again tomorrow, and then on Friday we find out who made the team. I hope I make it again this year!

‘Course, if I do make it, I’ll be super busy. Then I’ll be on two soccer teams, a futsal team, and honor band–and most of those take place on the same day!

Wish me luck!




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