Artistic Attempts

I’ve recently taken up the gigantic task of learning how to draw. Most of you are probably saying, “Gigantic? It’s just drawing!” Well, if you see me draw you will probably cry. I’m pretty terrible.

My dad studied art in high school and so is an extremely talented artist. He’s been teaching me how to draw faces–or attempted to. So far this is the best I’ve got:

Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.46 PM.jpg

Yeah. It’s scary. You can laugh.

I’m a bit better at drawing eyes, though. I’ve been practicing and I’m actually pretty proud.

Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.47 PM #2.jpg

Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.47 PM #2.jpg
My first two attempts–not the best, but I tried! 🙂
Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.47 PM #4.jpg
I started using more dramatic shading here, and I think it looks better. 
Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.47 PM.jpg
This eye is wearing a lot of mascara!
Photo on 1-8-17 at 7.47 PM #5.jpg
Everyone I’ve asked says this one is the best.


Is there some such thing as an eye artist? If I decide to draw when I grow up (which I most likely won’t; I don’t want to destroy the art world with my ‘mad skills’) I would devote my life to drawing eyes. Cool, right?

Yeah, you’re right, not really. It would actually be kind of creepy, to have page after page of sketched eyes. It would be like the Eye of Sauron with siblings (Lord of the Rings fans will get my reference).

Which drawing do you like best? Did you get my LOTR reference?




4 thoughts on “Artistic Attempts

  1. Lol! Danielle has a whole sketchbook pretty full of eyes. Its not creepy, theyre actually oretty cool. Keep practicing!


  2. Your eyes are pretty good! 😀 And I totally get it- tackling the task of learning how to draw IS gigantic! It’s super hard, but I’m sure you’ll get so much better if you stick with it! 🙂 You’re already a lot better than most! Good luck! 😀


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